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Our sellers are protected by our TicProtect Program! We withold the buyers' money until after the event and it is kept safe in your account. You can always see your balance under "My Payouts". If you sell your tickets and deliver them in accordance with the Ticombo User and Platform Agreement, and Policies, money will be made available 5 days after the event date.

  1. You can adjust your ticket prices any time before they are sold, pause or remove listings or tickets part of a listing.

  2. You will receive payment for all tickets you sell and deliver in accordance with the Ticombo User Agreement and all policies.

In case of a fraudulent claim from the buyer's side, we always ask for supporting proof from them and decide based on the evidence we have, and if there is a chargeback we provide all information we have to defend your position.

Depending on the ticket type, we have different measures:

E-tickets are uploaded to Ticombo and this is the best way to confirm delivery. If there is a problem with uploading them on the platform, you can also send them directly to the buyer's email and we advise that you CC, so we have this on record.

For paper tickets, always make sure to get a tracking code and send it to both the buyer and us. Buyers are asked to confirm delivery before and after the event.

For mobile tickets you are be able to assign them to your buyer and the status will show up as transferred. In this way, you can easily prove that they have been sent and that the receiver got them.

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