How do I list my tickets?

I want to sell my tickets, what is the process?

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On the Ticombo website, Click on "Sell your tickets". Once you are logged in, you will be directed to a new page where you will be asked to provide details of the tickets you want to sell.

  • Enter the name of the event and choose from the options provided, you can also choose from popular events if available. If you cannot find the event you want to sell tickets for, you can either click on "Add a new one" and create one yourself, or ask support to assist you.

  • Add a ticket category. If it does not already exist, click on "Add a new one" and name it appropriately (ex. Category 1/2/3).

  • Select the type of ticket you are selling (Mobile, electronic or paper tickets).

  • Enter the number of tickets you have for sale and indicate if you are in possession or not (For some events the actual tickets are issued later). You will need to provide your order/booking confirmation from the event organizer if you do not have the actual tickets yet. We advise that you upload the booking confirmation as an addition even if you have the tickets already, because sometimes not all necessary information is displayed on them. For E-tickets "in possession" number of tickets will be automatically added when you upload the tickets (in this case, if requested upon listing reviewal, send us the booking confirmation via email/live chat).

  • It should also be indicated how you want the tickets to be sold if you have multiple.

  • Indicate the section/block, row, seat numbers.

  • Add any other necessary information in the note section. (If there are any restrictions or the tickets are limited to specific fans, make sure to note it down to avoid chargebacks for wrong advertisement.)

  • Enter the original price/face value (has to match amount displayed on the booking confirmation) and the new price you would like to sell your ticket for (both fields are price per ticket). You can also check the box below if you want to get counteroffer proposals from buyers.

  • Indicate the time frame in which you can deliver the tickets to a buyer. For e-tickets "in possession" delivery is assumed to be executed immediately after purchase. For paper tickets you can choose between Pickup/Personal Handover, Postal Mail (national/international - needs additional info) or Local Delivery - Address or Hotel. Make sure you arrange this with your buyer as soon as possible.

  • You will need to upload your details, ID document and proof of address, in order to proceed to sell on the platform. On this page you also see a summary of the Listing, make sure to double check everything.

    Proceed to create your Listing and wait for approval. Keep an eye out for the note on the confirmation email.

If you haven't received an email confirming that your Listing is approved or rejected, it means that it is still unapproved. It may take up to 24 hours for Listings to be approved, but we usually check them faster within working hours.

Always read the note of the reviewer in the Listing confirmation email. In case of rejection, the reason for it is also there. The most common reasons are related to the ticket possession and the visibility of information on the booking confirmation/ticket. So, make sure that the full information is clearly displayed: full document with the event name and date, order number, category, price paid, number of tickets. It has to match the details you have provided, so there are no risks of false advertisement and potential problems.

Here is some information on selling tickets:

We withhold buyer's money until after the event, for protection. So, the the seller's payment is initiated after a successful delivery and after we made sure that everything went well.

There are no fees for sellers.

If you need any help while creating a listing, you can write in our live chat, so we can assist you. There is also a video on our Facebook Page, which you may find helpful!

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