Price proposal to Seller

You have made an offer to purchase tickets for a different price. Now what?

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If you have found the tickets you want and see that you can propose your own price to the seller, just type in the amount you would like to pay and click on "Propose".

It then refers you to a checkout page, where you need to set a proposal expiration timeframe (maximum 24 hours).

Afterward, you add your billing details, and the amount (summary) gets withdrawn upon proposal.

A confirmation of the proposal appears and both you and the seller receive an email notification:

Important: Please note, that during this time, someone else can purchase these tickets for the full price.

You can view your proposal from the Dashboard - My Proposals. You can also withdraw the proposal from your Dashboard as long as it's not accepted. It cannot be edited at this point.

According to this example, the seller has 24 minutes to accept the proposal and you, as well as the seller, will again receive an email confirmation with the price details.

If the seller accepts your proposal, an order is generated and the amount paid gets captured. You can view your order from the proposal, or find it in "My Purchases".

If the seller rejects it, or if the proposal expires, the amount paid will return to your card. (In most cases it will not appear as if a transaction occurred.)

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