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I have allowed for users to make a price proposals. Now what?

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If you have chosen the option to allow proposals from potential buyers and someone makes a proposal, you will receive an email with the offer containing the price offered and a button directing you to the proposal on the website.

You can find all proposals when you click on the "My Proposals" icon on your Dashboard and then on Proposals Received. You can only see the name of the potential buyer at this point.

You can have up to 24 hours to accept a proposal - the buyer chooses the expiration time (here in the example, the set time was 24 minutes, and only 12 are left).

You are also able to accept the Highest Proposal directly if there are more buyers offering different prices for your Listing.

Once accepted, the order is generated and the amount paid by the buyer gets captured. Your tickets are sold for the offered price.

Accordingly, you can decline the offer if you are not interested.

You, as well as the user, will again receive an email confirmation with the price details.

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