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Guidance for Buyers and Sellers

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World Cup Football is taking place in Qatar from Nov 20th to December 18th, 2022.

There are several terms connected to sale and purchase of tickets for the World Cup. You should carefully read the terms of conditions of the organizer to make a qualified decision to sell or buy tickets on the Ticombo platform. The following links are relevant:

Important Information for Sellers:

When offering tickets for the World Cup 2022 you must always keep one ticket for your personal use. To illustrate: If you have purchased the maximum number of six tickets (namely one for yourself and five for your guests), the Ticombo Platform can only be used for the five extra tickets you acquired for other individuals.

Buyers of tickets need ticket booking confirmation number or ticket number to apply for Hayya Card. You are required to supply this number to the Buyer as soon as possible after purchase. You are also required to update personal info of attendances in your booking.

Sellers are required to update information of each ticket holder with the organizer. The information will be supplied by the Buyer.

Important information For Buyers:

On order to enter Qatar and the stadium you need to have a Hayaa Card. For information and how to apply please go to:

Information collected of each ticket holder will be used to update details of the booking the Seller has with the organizer. Buyers are required to supply this information either upon purchase or within a specific date.

Seat locations allocated to the tickets you acquired will not necessarily be in close proximity to each other if this is not assigned by organizer.

Note that you are buying tickets from a reseller and not from the organizer itself.

Ticombo merely provides a technology Platform to bring together sellers and buyers of tickets for Events and neither hosts Events or sells tickets nor gets involved in the performance of the contract between the buyer and the seller with regard to the tickets in any other way.

The above information is not complete, might not be fully correct or currently up to date as the information might be based partly or solely on users reporting restrictions to us. If you see any errors in the information, please report this to We advise you to seek further information from the government in your country and/or the event organizer.

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