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I received a different ticket type! What can I expect?
I received a different ticket type! What can I expect?

World Cup - How will I receive my electronic/mobile tickets?

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A common thing to happen with competitions that allow electronic and mobile format issuing is for these tickets to reach our buyers in different ways than expected.

So, depending on what your seller receives, they would be able to either:

  1. Upload the tickets/send them via email as pdf files or

  2. Transfer the tickets through the Official Mobile Ticket App.

    • for both options, the seller would need the ticket holders' emails and first + last names + any additional (event-specific) ticket holder details.

Make sure to stay in touch with your seller and Ticombo, in case there is a change in the ticket type from what was initially advertised, in order to be able to receive your tickets properly!

There's no difference in the tickets, both types will grant you access, just the delivery method is of substance.

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