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Why is my Listing rejected/on hold?
Why is my Listing rejected/on hold?

I received an email stating that my Listing was rejected/suspended, what could be the reason?

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If your Listing was rejected or placed on hold, there should be a note in the notification email, stating the reason behind our decision. If it is not clear enough, we are always available on live chat to check it and explain it further.

Here are the main reasons for rejection and the notes you might receive, which include different types and ways of correction.

  1. The image you have uploaded does not serve as valid proof of possession (Ticket/order numbers or other necessary information is not visible).

    • Note: Please, create a new listing and attach the tickets and/or booking confirmation that you have received (full document with the order number, category, the price paid, number of tickets, etc.), in order for your listing to be approved.

  2. “In Possession: yes”, but No Ticket was Displayed.

    • Note: Please provide a screenshot of the actual tickets as proof of possession, in order for your listing to be approved.

      If you do not have the tickets yet, you can add a new listing with "tickets not in possession" and upload the order confirmation.

  3. "In Possession: yes", but the e-ticket displayed has a different name on it (for specific competitions where assigning to the ticket holder's names is compulsory).

    • Note: When listing your ticket for *event name*, please select "In Possession: no" in order to prevent your ticket from being transferred automatically to the buyer without reflecting their name. After selecting "In Possession: no" you may proceed with uploading the ticket as normal.

  4. "In possession: no", for m-tickets, which are already released.

    • Note: Proof of possession is necessary to be checked. Please create a new listing where the actual tickets are attached and select "In Possession: yes".

  5. Match/Category name is different than pre-set. (For Categories, we are able to fix minor/obvious mistakes-> could be put on hold, rather than rejected).

    • Note: Match/Category is wrong. Please choose from the available events/categories, in order for your Listing to be approved!

  6. Pricing issues.

    • Note: Face Value is not visible on the ticket/booking confirmation. Please, present proof of the original payment and create a new Listing.

    • Note: Selling price is much higher than the market price at the moment. Please, reconsider the price after checking the current market price and create a new Listing.

  7. Profile Verification not completed - Listing on Hold.

    • Note: Please complete your profile, there is missing information on it that prevents buyers from purchasing your tickets. The listing will not be approved before you have updated this.

    • Possible clarifications:

      • Payout preferences should be entered

      • An up-to-date Proof of Address is required

      • Documents not readable

      • Expired documentation. Please provide valid identification documents

      • Missing ID/Proof of Address/Owner's Document

      • Please complete all required fields in your Profile

Listings could be disapproved for multiple reasons at the same time, so please check the reason and follow each step. There could be different rules for Listing Approval in each competition and they are subject to change, depending on the proximity of the event and other external factors.

Please make sure to comply with Ticombo's guidelines and feel free to ask for help if anything is unclear! Reach out to us in live chat or email with your listing ID so we can check your documents and approve your Listing.

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