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What is an In-Hand Date? (Seller)
What is an In-Hand Date? (Seller)

I am listing my tickets for sale and I have to choose an In-Hand Date.

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The In Hand Date is the date you select when listing tickets that you haven't received yet. It represents the date you expect to have the tickets in your possession. This date is crucial because it's displayed to potential buyers and is used to calculate the latest delivery date for the order.

What are the guidelines for changing the In Hand Date when Ticombo has already configured it while listing tickets?

When Ticombo has already set the In Hand Date for the event, the date will be pre-populated in your listing. You do have the flexibility to make changes, but there are specific guidelines to follow:

  1. You can change the In Hand Date, but it must be to any day before Ticombo's In Hand Date.

  2. If the In Hand Date is provided as a range, you can select any date falling within that range.

These guidelines are in place to ensure that your listing remains accurate.

Why is it important to be precise with the In Hand Date?

Being precise with the In Hand Date is essential as it helps buyers make informed decisions when browsing for tickets. The accuracy of this date ensures that buyers know when they can expect to receive their tickets, which is crucial for planning their event attendance.

Can I change the In Hand Date for my active listings?

Yes, you can change the In Hand Date for your active listings. Simply log into your account and go to the 'My Listings' tab. From there, you can edit the In Hand Date as needed to keep it up-to-date.

Why can't I change the In Hand Date on my active listings?

There are two reasons you might not be able to change the In Hand Date on your active listings. Firstly, if Ticombo has already set the In Hand Date for the event, you can select any day before that date or any day within the range if it's provided. If there are no days available before the In Hand Date, changing the date will not be possible.

Can I change the In Hand Date for listings that have already been sold?

No, once your tickets are sold, you cannot change the In Hand Date for those listings. It's important to provide an accurate estimate when initially listing your tickets to maintain transparency with buyers. However, please note that Ticombo may override the In Hand Date for sold orders. If this occurs, the latest delivery date will be revised, and you must adhere to the updated date to fulfill the order. For more details on Ticombo's rights and In Hand Date overrides, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

What happens if I miss the latest delivery date?

Missing the latest delivery date can result in serious consequences, including:

  • Order Cancellation: Ticombo may cancel the sale to protect the buyer.

  • Financial Penalty: You may be subject penalty for failing to deliver the tickets on time.

  • Negative Impact on Seller Rating: Missing deliveries can lead to negative reviews from buyers and damage your rating as a seller on Ticombo.

We strongly advise you to be realistic when choosing the In-Hand Date. Select a date that accurately reflects when you expect to have the tickets in your possession and can guarantee delivery by the latest delivery date. For more information on how Ticombo calculates the latest delivery date based on the In-Hand Date, please refer to our FAQ article Rules for the Latest Delivery Dates.

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