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What is an In-Hand Date? (Buyer)
What is an In-Hand Date? (Buyer)

I want to buy tickets, but I am not sure what the date displayed on the listing means.

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The In Hand Date indicates the date by which the seller is expected to have access to the tickets you've purchased. It helps you know when you can expect to receive your tickets, making it easier to plan your event attendance.

How can I find the In Hand Date for a listing?

The In Hand Date is typically displayed on the ticket listing when you browse for tickets. It's important to review this date to ensure it aligns with your event plans.

What should I do if the latest delivery date has passed, and I haven't received my tickets?

If the In Hand Date has come and gone, and you still haven't received your tickets, we recommend reaching out to the seller directly through our platform's messaging system. Communication with the seller can help clarify the situation and ensure a smooth ticket delivery process

Can the In Hand Date change on my order?

Ticombo may override the In Hand Date for sold orders. If this occurs, the latest delivery date will be revised, and the seller will be required to adhere to the updated date to fulfill the order. Rest assured that any changes made by Ticombo are intended to ensure a smooth and reliable ticket delivery process.

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