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Why haven't I received an e-mail confirming delivery yet?
Why haven't I received an e-mail confirming delivery yet?

All info is sent via email and available on your account

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The same second your ticket purchase is confirmed to you, we also inform the seller of the successful sale of his/her entrance tickets. The seller can then immediately initiate the delivery of his/her tickets. 

The seller has to make sure that the tickets are delivered within the delivery period stated in the offering. In case the seller is already in possession of the tickets, the latest delivery date is usually 7 days after the purchase. In case you bought tickets with the pickup option, please get in touch with the seller to organize the handover of the tickets. Details of estimated latest delivery date is indicated in your order. Should you need further info regarding this, please contact  

You can contact the seller to follow up on the delivery status, using the message tool in the user section. If you have not received the tickets until the latest delivery date stated in your order, please open a claim in the "My Purchases" section or contact our customer service team. 

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