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When do I receive my money?
When do I receive my money?

You sold tickets and want to know when you get the funds

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As a seller you are able to request your payout 5 days after the event. To protect buyers we will withhold the payment until the tickets have been delivered to the buyer(s).  

Please keep in mind, that all orders must be fulfilled to release funds to your available balance.

Sellers must manually complete all orders for funds to be released into their available balance.

How to complete orders:

  1. Visit My Sales on your account.

  2. Identify the respective order.

  3. Click on Register Delivery or Register Shipment based on the ticket type

    1. If applicable, upload ticket files or register delivery without uploading e-tickets (for e-tickets).

See this Article for a detailed explanation on completing orders, depending on the different ticket types.

For events with long ticket sales cycles such as the Euro Football, Olympics, Champions League, Football World  Cup, funds are withheld until the event has happened. In these cases, the money will be received by the seller within 5-10 business days after the payout request has been approved.

It is all a matter of safety! ;)

Once Payout is available to you 5 days after the event - go to My Payouts.

You would be able to see the Available balance and press on “Start payout”

You could type the amount which is ready to be requested inside the designated field and press “Request Payout”

Once you have requested your payout you would receive an email.

When you want to check the status of your Payout with support, please provide your Payout Request ID under "My Pay-outs" - #. You can also hover your mouse over the icon under Status, to check status, or the reason for rejection.

Meaning of status:

Unapproved - The team hasn't checked it yet and we can forward your request to speed up the process.

Approved - Your payout has been sent. It usually arrives within 5-10 business days.

In transit to your bank - It has been approved and processed and it is in transit to your bank.

Rejected - There are various reasons why your payout may be rejected (for ex. you need to request a different amount, or there is an investigation going on for your orders). You can see the reason for rejection by hovering on the icon.

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