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Can I see my bought and sold tickets?
Can I see my bought and sold tickets?

Where to find the users contact info, order/delivery status, etc.

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We will send all relevant information to both buyer and seller via email. On top of that, all information about active offerings bought and sold tickets can be found in the personal user account. Just log in to and access the respective area in your account section.

Additionally, both seller and buyer could see a message You sold a ticket and You bought a ticket respectively. Once pressed on the message buyer or seller contact details could be seen and moreover, it would be possible to send a message to your buyer/seller through the messaging tool.

Sellers find all info about active, sold, and paused ticket offerings in the ‘My listings’ section. There you will have an overview of the Tickets that are still ‘on sale’, the tickets that you paused, and the ones that are sold. There, sellers can access the delivery information where to send the tickets and what the latest delivery date is they need to fulfill. Once the seller has changed the delivery status in the My Listing, we automatically notify the buyer that the tickets have been sent, including the tracking code.

Buyers find all information about their purchases in the ‘My Purchases’ section. sections, after having logged in on Open the details of your order by expanding the view, to access the delivery information.

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