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Buying and selling tickets the safe way
Buying and selling tickets the safe way

How Ticombo provides safety to buyers and sellers

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We check the listings and the identity of sellers in multiple ways. The controls are rigid and only after the listing is reviewed and passed, only then it will show to the potential buyers to be bought. And if sometimes something can go wrong, we have your back and we cover for you with 100% money back.

Want to know more about our controls?

Here is a list of all the preliminary controls we make before allowing the seller to list his/her tickets and of all the ways you as a buyer can protect yourself by reviewing the seller’s profile:

  • We use Facebook, VKontakte, Google or Email to log-in every new member. This way we try to make sure that the person behind the log-in is a real person by allowing also the buyers to check for themselves by reviewing how many friends a potential seller has and how many successful swaps he or she has made.

  • We ask the seller to upload also a copy of their ID or Passport. 

  • We check the uploaded tickets and booking confirmations by controlling: location, price, correct date, etc. We check this as soon as the listing request is submitted so that only the tickets that have been reviewed and verified will appear on the website.

  • All barcodes of the tickets that have been uploaded are checked to prevent people selling copies or same tickets several times.

  • Buyers are enabled to leave a review of the purchasing experience they had with certain sellers after the event. A positive evaluation will be displayed on the seller's listing page.

  • We send an email to the seller as soon as a ticket is sold. This way we make sure that the seller is directly informed when his / her ticket is sold and he / she cannot withdraw the listing anymore.

  • We temporarily block all the sellers with negative reviews from our website while we review the reasons why buyers had a negative experience in buying from them. We'll investigate the issue and will permanently remove the seller in case of fraud.

  • We have access to the seller's information (name, phone number, e-mail, etc.). In case of fraud we are able to provide this information to the authorities.

  • We grant full-refund to all buyers in case of event cancellation, fraudulent tickets or any other inconvenience.

Thanks to all of these controls Ticombo might be the safest place to buy and sell tickets online. 

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