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How do I pause or delete my listing?
How do I pause or delete my listing?

Change the status of your listing from "My Listings" section

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To pause your listing you need to go to your profile, My Listings and then, after you have selected the listing that you want to hold, click on the switch under Status, which will directly pause it.

The Status will change to "paused" and it can be reactivated the same way.

This function is aimed at preventing a potential sale of the tickets before all details are double-checked and edited, such as the price, quantity of tickets, and delivery options.

If you would like to erase the listing, you would need to expand the listing first by clicking on the arrow on the far right, which will open a new window.

Click on "Delete Listing", which will permanently delete it and it cannot be reactivated anymore.

This will work only before a sale has happened! If you see something out of the ordinary on your Listing after a sale, contact us immediately.

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