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What kind of tickets can I sell with Ticombo?
What kind of tickets can I sell with Ticombo?

From e-tickets to paper tickets. Sell any regular live event tickets

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You can sell all types of event tickets on Ticombo. We support both types of tickets: physical tickets (paper tickets) and digital tickets (e-tickets, m-tickets).

E-tickets are uploaded to the ticombo platform and automatically sent to the buyer once they have been purchased.

Mobile Tickets are also a form of digital tickets, which are transferred through the appropriate mobile app (official from the organizer). This can be done by using the buyer's email. Make sure to make a screenshot of the transfer.

In contrast, Paper Tickets require a physical delivery, which will be organized by the seller of the tickets, either by handing the tickets over in person in the city of the event or (2) via national/international postal mail including tracking.
Use your favorite delivery company in your country and add the tracking code to our system. We will automatically update the buyer about the delivery status.  

Comment: If you are offering season cards this must be done with delivery method pick up.

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