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There is another name on the ticket
There is another name on the ticket

Is it still possible to enter the event?

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The name on the ticket is only the name of the person who initially bought the ticket. It is not rare that one person buys multiple tickets for oneself, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, family and so on. In that case only the buyer's name will appear on all the tickets, but it is clear that the tickets will not be used only by him/her. The bar-code is important and that is unique for every ticket. Please also view information concerning Resale restrictions.

The rules for the transfer of personalized tickets may vary from event to event and the source of the original receiver of the tickets. All sellers on the Ticombo platform are obliged to follow the rules that apply for their respective event and indicate any name changes to the organizer in case of personalized tickets.

Further, Buyers are protected by the TicProtect program, in case there would be any issue regarding the event access. For this we need to see proof from the venue for denied entry.

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