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When am I eligible to get my money back?
When am I eligible to get my money back?

TicProtect - the 100% / 150% money back guarantee on Ticombo

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TicProtect is a buyer protection program that we at Ticombo have created to grant fans a full money refund in case of:

  • Cancellation, Abandonment, Interruption, or Curtailment not covered by XCover

  • The tickets have not been delivered on time, within the Latest Delivery Terms

  • The tickets delivered do not correspond to the ones you have ordered

  • The tickets have been rejected at the entrance.

Buyers are protected through the TicProtect Program and get 100% of the money back in case anything happened with the tickets or delivery went wrong and was not as stated in the offering.ย 

Further, we reduce the risk of such things happening by screening and validating all sellers on the Ticombo Platform.
In those cases not covered by XCover, buyers are still covered under the TicProtect Program against event cancellations. Sellers however in those cases are not covered, which means that the money from the ticket sale on Ticombo needs to be refunded, while the seller can claim money back from the source where he originally bought the tickets.

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